Medical translation

Due to their - often sensitive - content, your medical documents should always be translated by qualified professionals who hold a diploma in translation and have significant experience in this field.

Thanks to my medical translation diploma, I am perfectly qualified to translate your texts of all types, whether they are pharmaceutical documents (in particular clinical trial documents), drug leaflets, press releases, patient information, or more technical texts such as user manual for medical devices for example.

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is a very specific task, which goes much further than simply rendering the meaning of the source text. It implies being able to understand and transcribe the subtleties and nuances, and to carry the message of the initial text to readers that may not share the same references. The translator should therefore have a perfect command of both languages, which I can guarantee since I studied both languages and literature and have been translating editorial content for many years now.
Do not hesitate to contact me for the translation of your marketing or editorial documents of any type.

Touristic Translation

Tourism is, in essence, a field where translation is ubiquitous. Touristic translation can have multiple aims, whether it is attracting new clients or promoting a region or culture. In all cases, the touristic translator must have strong geographic knowledge (that can be acquired through extensive research), a pleasant style and the capacity to adapt to the target audience. Thanks to my strong experience in this field, I am qualified to translate your guides, brochures, internal and external communications, and any other documents with touristic content.